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ear trumpet, John Ryenders illustration, c.1880.jpg (214087 bytes)

A catalogue illustration of various ear trumpets, John Reynders & Co., New York, 1880s.



hearing aid, lady with hearing aid ambrotype, c. 1860.jpg (233564 bytes)

hearing aid, lady with hearing aid ambrotype, c. 1860, detail.jpg (109712 bytes)

A rare c. 1860 ninth-plate ambrotype image of a lady holding a tin horn antique hearing aid.  The antique medical photograph is tinted.



ear_trumpet_F.C._Rein__Son_sole_inventor_108_Strand_London_ladys_size__side_WB.jpg (35331 bytes)

Two exquisite silver plate c. 1860 antique ear trumpets by F.C. Rein & Son Patentees, sole inventor & only makers, No. 108 Strand, London.  The bell and tube of the Rein ear trumpets are expertly and fully hand-engraved in an elaborate foliage pattern.  The pierced grill of these antique Rein ear trumpets are particularly attractive and refined.



A c. 1880 antique hearing aid featured in the 1889 George Tiemann catalogue as:  Fig. 2027.----German Silver Ear Trumpet.  The antique ear trumpet also appears in the Tiemann 1874 catalogue, Fig. 220.



A Bonnafont bugle ear trumpet antique hearing aid with its very rare original leather-covered wood case. 



A very rare c. 1880 antique ear trumpet concealed within a lady's folding fan.  The antique acoustic fan (l'éventail acoustique) is marked by the maker Franck-Valéry Frères, Paris.  The antique hearing aid is shown in a Franck-Valéry catalogue from the 1880s.



A c.1900 antique London dome hearing aid with original box.  This antique hearing horn is made of brass which has been given a black lacquer finish.


A nineteenth century antique ear trumpet known as the dipper type.


ear trumpet, opera dome type with extended bell, leather cover.jpg (61325 bytes)

An antique ear trumpet that resembles an opera dome type but with an extended bell.  The exterior of this antique hearing aid is covered in leather.



A c. 1880 antique ear trumpet made of tin with a black and gold tone finish.  The body of the ear horn is a series of soldered doughnut-shaped segments.  The bulbous segments were designed to further amplify sound.  This type of antique hearing device is identified as a Corrugated Ear Trumpet in the George Tiemann 1889 catalogue, p. 189, fig. 2034.



An exquisite sterling silver antique ear trumpet made by Phipps and Robinson, London, 1810.  9 inches long.



ear trumpet, C. Nyrop, Kjobenhavn, horrohr, antique.jpg (52367 bytes)

ear trumpet, C. Nyrop, Kjobenhavn, horrohr, antique, detail.jpg (55415 bytes)

A c. 1850 antique ear trumpet marked C. NYROP / KJØBENHAVN.



A rather unusual ear trumpet hat patent from 1892.


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