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The Finest Commercially-Made Anatomical Models of the 19th and 20th Centuries

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Louis Thomas Jerôme Auzoux (1797-1880), a French anatomist and physician, saw the need for highly accurate anatomical models, as an alternative to cadaver study, and founded, in the 1820s, a company to make them.  Due to the great care and attention to detail that went into their manufacture, hand-painted antique Auzoux  papier-mâché models are prized.



A scarce signed and dated 1855 antique anatomical model of the human head by Auzoux.  The model is oversized (18" OAH) and termed greatly enlarged by Auzoux.  The half of a human head is quite detailed and dramatic.  First generation French Auzoux anatomical models are very desirable.




An Auzoux anatomical model of a bisected human head.



An antique anatomical model of the human heart by Auzoux, Paris.  This over life-size écorché is highly realistic, as one expects from Auzoux, and it is the finest 19th century commercial model of the heart.



A remarkable Auzoux anatomical model of the tongue, throat,  larynx, and windpipe.  An Auzoux listing of the 1880s shows a Gigantic Larynx (twelve inches long)... and, sold separately but ...capable of being adjusted to the larynx..., a ...Tongue in the same proportion...  This papier-mâché model is 24 inches long overall, and it is a testament to the complexity of the best Auzoux écorché



A rare life-size antique anatomical model of a uterus and full term fetus.  The model is signed by Auzoux (Paris), a company considered to be the finest commercial maker of anatomical models.



veterinary_Dr_James_Law_Cornell_Veterinary_College_c_edited-1.jpg (164248 bytes)

veterinary_Dr_James_Law_Cornell_Veterinary_College_c_1900_detail_edited-2.jpg (149690 bytes)

A c. 1900 photograph of Dr. James Law (1838-1921), America's first academic veterinarian, before faculty and students in the Cornell Veterinary College lecture hall.  Note the Auzoux anatomical model of a horse. 


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