Here is a dental extracting forceps that was identified as a unique Civil War bullet extractor.  True bullet extractors tend to be thin and straight, so as to require a small path to follow through the flesh, and  rather delicate instruments.  Not characteristics found in dental forceps.  Indeed unique!

mis id, dental forceps called bullet extractor.jpg (31323 bytes)
A uterine vulsellum/polyp forceps said to be a bullet forceps.  Many types gynecological forceps are similarly misidentified.  

mis id, Betz CW bullet forceps.jpg (42249 bytes)


A set offered as a dental caponizing set.  Odd description since a capon is a castrated rooster.   

mis id, dental caponizing set.jpg (60616 bytes)


Said to be a hearing aid, this is part of a Eastern European/Middle Eastern coffee making set.  This tool has also been mis-described as a stethoscope. mis id, 18th c. hearing aid.jpg (34320 bytes)
This is a fine mechanic's stethoscope set alleged to be a medical stethoscope.  While an engine may be the heart of a machine, it isn't a human heart.  

mis id, Capac's mechanic's stethoscope.jpg (36060 bytes)


Lancashire hacksaws are often mistakenly described as amputations saws.  

mis id, Lancashire hacksaw.jpg (19512 bytes)


Identified as a Civil War amputation knife, this is a ritual Kosher slaughtering (Shehita) knife by Grunewald.  

mis id, CW amputation knife by Grunewald.jpg (18534 bytes)


This pocket knife and fork set were thought to be a vaccinating set. mis id, knife and fork called vac.jpg (71166 bytes)
Reproduction Civil war quinine tins can be mistaken for the genuine article such as was the case with this tin.  The printing and paper of the label is incorrect.  This tin was made for the re-enactor market.  

mis-id, fake quinine tin.jpg (135071 bytes)


A silver ashtray by Tiffany that was described to be a pap boat.
This is a veterinarian's set, not a Civil War field surgeon's set.  

mis id, cw field set, aka vet set.jpg (282607 bytes)


Probably a butcher's fillet knife, it is not a surgical knife as thought.   Lamsom, the maker, made cutlery but not surgical instruments. mis-id, Lamsom knife.jpg (41935 bytes)
This is a boot pull, not a dental instrument as was supposed.  

mis id, boot pull dental instrument.jpg (37941 bytes)


While this saw has markings indicating ownership by the U.S. Marine Corps, it is not an amputation saw.  It is a butcher's saw. mis id, Marine Corps amputation saw.jpg (24344 bytes)
A common meat fork does not miraculously become a breast amputating fork, as has been thought.  The illustration from the 1770s shows a genuine breast fork.  

mis id, breast fork.jpg (16784 bytes)


For a reason impossible to fathom, these pieces were thought to be dental instruments. mis id, dental tools.jpg (51950 bytes)
Here is an ersatz Civil War 1861 field kit.  An old box has been taken, the interior partially relined and filled with a patent 1861 Leypoldt bloodletting scarificator, dental extracting forceps and other instruments.  The box, itself, is post-war.  

mis id, Leypoldt pat 1861 field kit.jpg (65959 bytes)

mis id, Leypoldt pat 1861 field kit, tray out.jpg (81705 bytes)




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