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Below is a listing of a few medical and scientific antiques that are currently for sale.  Please feel free to send an e-mail for additional details and to place an order.

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184.  A very scarce and unopened package of one dozen U.S. Army Hospital Department.  Past observations indicate that each Civil War tourniquet inside is also wrapped and marked.  A most desirable Civil War medical antique.  SOLD  

tourniquet, field, one doz USAHD.jpg (41617 bytes)

tourniquet, field, one doz USAHD, side.jpg (43768 bytes)


185.  A fine c. 1870 antique hypodermic syringe set in fitted-case.  The mounts are in solid silver and the glass cylinder is wheel-engraved with volume demarcations.  This is a high quality and completely original antique hypodermic syringe set.  SOLD

hypodermic_syringe_silver_mounts_in_case_antique.jpg (39298 bytes)

186.  A very rare late 18th century antique breast pump.  The bulb is leather and the fittings are pewter.  SOLD

pediatric, antique breast pump reliever, breat milk, pewter and leather.jpg (117531 bytes)

187.   A late 18th century silhouette of a Georgian gentleman.  The period inscription on the back reads:  Joseph Metford Surgeon / of Taunton / Born 1714 / Died May 10th / 1796.  $475


silhouette, Joseph Metford, surgeon, d.1796.jpg (108145 bytes)

silhouette, Joseph Metford, surgeon, d.1796, back.jpg (128769 bytes)

188.  A Waldau type antique ophthalmophantome on an articulated stand.  The mask phantom was invented ca. 1827 by Dr. Albert Sachs (1803-1835), an ophthalmologist practicing in Berlin, and it was used to teach ophthalmic surgery using cadaver's eyes or pig's eyes (similar in size to the human eye and readily available).  Adjustable clamps hold the eyes in place.  The jappaned aluminum face may be removed for cleaning by loosening a turn screw on the armature above the forehead and pulling the tab of a pin below the chin.  The James W. Queen & Co., Philadelphia, Ophthalmological Instruments catalogue of 1889 illustrates a Waldau's Phantom Face for Experimental Operations of the Eye.  Dr. Adolf Waldau, the assumptive inventor of this model, was an assistant to the great ophthalmologist Albrecht von Graefe (1828-1870).  SOLD

ophthalmic, ophthalmophantome, Waldau, 2_edited-1.jpg (50608 bytes)

ophthalmic, ophthalmophantom, ophtalmofantome, Waldau's, 1.jpg (43677 bytes)

ophthalmic_ophthalmophantome_Waldau_3_edited-1.jpg (21190 bytes)

ophthalmic, Waldau's ophthalmophantome, Queen, 1889,.jpg (87812 bytes)


189.  A selection of four antique ophthalmic instruments made by George Tiemann, New York.  From left-to-right, are a Desmarre's eyelid retractor with ivory handle, a Roebrich's entropium forceps with tortoise shell blade, a Jaeger's plate lid-holder in solid tortoise shell, and a Noyes' eyelid retractor with ivory handle.  All four instruments are illustrated in the 1889 Tiemann catalogue.  $125-$275


190.  A c. 1820 antique dental toothkey with walnut handle.  $225

dental, toothkey, c. 1820.jpg (48711 bytes)

191.  A c. 1780 antique neurosurgical forceps for removing a trepanned cranial bone disk.  Dr. Samuel Sharp (1709-1778), FRS, who was an accomplished surgeon at Guy's Hospital, London, is credited with the design in the 1830s.  The instrument has the crown and star mark of the English surgical instrument maker James Stodart (1760-1823).  Stodart, a Fellow of the Royal Society, was considered a leading metallurgist of his day and worked with the chemist Sir Humphrey Davy and the physicist Michael Faraday.  $275

neurosurgery, bone disk elevator forceps.jpg (42727 bytes)



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